More Hotlips Melanie & Me

Posted in Titty Play on October 16th, 2014 by Mary

Monster Tit Mary, the ebony bbw and Hotlips Melanie, the Latina milf with pierced nipples do titty play.

More photos of Hotlips Melanie and I having some girl/girl fun. I love women, and Hotlips is a really hot Latina milf. Did you know that her name Hotlips doesn’t refer to the lips on her lovely face? It is her meaty labia lips, which I have enjoyed tasting and sucking on many times.

Big tit ebony milf, and Latina milf with pierced nipples fondling each others boobs.We enjoyed playing with each other’s boobs. She pulled down my top and uncover my monster tits, as you can see. After she fondled and sucked on my tits, it was my turn to enjoy her big tits and pierced nipples. I am very oral and sucking on a woman’s tits or eating her cookie (pussy), is a real turn-on. I always have an amazingly intense orgasm.

Monster Tit Mary wraps her big black tits around Hotlips Melanie's head.

 As you can see one of my tits are as big as her head. I had so much fun with her that evening! I ended up eating her pussy and giving an intense orgasm by sucking on her clit and meaty labia lips. We both took turns sucking cock and then I jerked the guy off until he dumped a load of cum all over Hotlips Melanie’s big tits and pierced nipples.  She loves cum!

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High Heels & Monster Tits

Posted in Giving Head, The Monsters on August 10th, 2012 by Mary

Monster tit Mary exposes her huge tits and legs wearing high heels.This is one of my favorite photos. I am in my evening gown, with my big black tits out, and I am wearing a pair of black high heels. I have pretty hot legs too! At least I think so. My finger nails are sinfully long and painted a dark red. All this in preparation for me to go out and party for the evening, but not before I suck some white cock.

The deep cleavage of Mary's black monster tits.I just had to post this photo from the same shoot. It shows off my pretty titties and my deep cleavage. I think I have the prettiest tits on the net, and I know you guys would just love to stick your cock in between my soft black fun bags.  After driving your cock between my monster tits I would want you to shoot your cum all over my pretty titties.

Monster Tit Mary deep throats white cock.This is the shit all you guys want to see. Me sucking cock. I have my thick ebony lips wrapped around a white cock and I am giving head. My big black tits are hanging out and I am enjoying giving deep throat.  This all before I head out the door for an evening of partying. I guess you can imagine what the rest of the evening will be like? I won’t be home before sun-up and I will be sexually drained.


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Monster Tit Cock Sucker

Posted in Sucking Dick on July 3rd, 2012 by Mary

Monster tit Mary sucks white cock.

This is a stylish photo of one of my white cock sucking sessions. An artsy fartsy kind of thing, since I told my photographer that I have aspirations of becoming an actress. He set-up this shoot and got some good head, and I got some stylish photos. He probably made-out better in the deal with my cock sucking talents. Trust me!  I love sucking cock and eating pussy, but I want to do more than porn.  I have done some cable stuff where I am not sucking cock, eating pussy or getting fucked but it is not as much fun as getting laid on camera and it does not pay as well. I may want to keep sucking cock on camera.

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Cum Covered Monster Tits

Posted in Titty Cum Bath on June 3rd, 2012 by Mary

Monster Tit Mary gets a titty cum bath.

As many of my fans know, I love having my monster tits covered in creamy white cum, so I decided to give you all a few photos of me after I have either sucked cock or jerked a guys dick until I got him to shoot a load of sperm all over my pretty titties.

Monster Tit Mary gets her enormous black tits covered in sperm.

The feeling of a man’s warm cum on my boobs is so erotic that it gives me an orgasm. I prefer jerking a guys dick because it is like having a garden hose in your hand and spraying the cum wherever you want to cum to go. On my tits!

Monster tit Mary gives a hand job for a titty sperm bath.

When I give head, most guys want to cum in my mouth, but I want them to dump their hot sticky sperm on my big black tits. When I give head I have to grab their cock and pull it out of my mouth so that I can get them to shoot their load on my big tits. I hope you enjoy the photos of my cum covered big black tits.



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Big Tit Cock Tug

Posted in Hand Jobs on May 20th, 2012 by Mary

Mary is in high heels, big black tits out, and ready to tug cock.

I am an exhibitionist and love showing off my shit as much as I love sharing my amble assets with guys and girls. In other words, I like to turn heads. I am hoping my red high heels and  this red nightie with my big black, pretty titties busting out everywhere gets you going. At this point in the shoot, I was having so much fun showing off my monsters that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to suck cock, or tug on a cock.

Hand job mom , Monster Tit Mary, tugs cock.

As you can see I made a decision. I tugged this white cock until I got it to shoot a load of sperm all over my big black tits. You can see this video clip at


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Monster Tit Cleavage

Posted in The Monsters on April 14th, 2012 by Mary

Monster tit Mary, the ebony bbw, exposes her deep cleavage.All you guys and girls out there, wouldn’t you like to have fun with my monster 40H black titties? I know all you horny guys would like to stick your hard dick in my deep cleavage and fuck my big ass fun bags. I might let you, if you promise to shoot a load of hot sticky sperm on my pretty titties. Especially if you are a white guy! I love wrapping my tits around a white cock  and watching my tits get fucked.

Black bbw, Mary, shows off her massive 40H boobs.You girls out there that that love to suck and fondle big boobs before eating “cookie”, that is my word for pussy, would enjoy an evening of girl/girl fun with me. You can ravish my boobs, nipples, and large aerolas with you tongue and mouth, and then it is my turn. I want to ravish your wet pussy with my tongue and swallow your cum. I can make a woman cum over and over again.

Monster tit, Mary's, big black fun bags.My big black fun bags and deep cleavage are in need of some attention. Cock or pussy, I want it all!

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Hanging Monster Boobs

Posted in The Monsters on March 14th, 2012 by Mary

Black, bbw, monster tit Mary's hanging boobs.A shot of me after an evening out at the local swingers club.  And what an evening it was! I was eating pussy, sucking cock and getting fucked until the late night hour. I even took  a guy home with me. This photo was taken by that guy before we jumped into bed. I give him head until he shot a load of cum on my monster boobs,.. and it still wasn’t over. We took a break and then he fucked my big black tits, and then ravaged my pussy with his big white cock. It was daybreak by the time we finished our evening of sexual debauchery.

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