More Hotlips Melanie & Me

Posted in Titty Play on October 16th, 2014 by Mary

Monster Tit Mary, the ebony bbw and Hotlips Melanie, the Latina milf with pierced nipples do titty play.

More photos of Hotlips Melanie and I having some girl/girl fun. I love women, and Hotlips is a really hot Latina milf. Did you know that her name Hotlips doesn’t refer to the lips on her lovely face? It is her meaty labia lips, which I have enjoyed tasting and sucking on many times.

Big tit ebony milf, and Latina milf with pierced nipples fondling each others boobs.We enjoyed playing with each other’s boobs. She pulled down my top and uncover my monster tits, as you can see. After she fondled and sucked on my tits, it was my turn to enjoy her big tits and pierced nipples. I am very oral and sucking on a woman’s tits or eating her cookie (pussy), is a real turn-on. I always have an amazingly intense orgasm.

Monster Tit Mary wraps her big black tits around Hotlips Melanie's head.

 As you can see one of my tits are as big as her head. I had so much fun with her that evening! I ended up eating her pussy and giving an intense orgasm by sucking on her clit and meaty labia lips. We both took turns sucking cock and then I jerked the guy off until he dumped a load of cum all over Hotlips Melanie’s big tits and pierced nipples.  She loves cum!

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Hotlips Squirts My Tits

Posted in Eating Cookie on October 8th, 2011 by Mary

Hotlips Melanie squirts my monster tits with her warm juices.My friend Hotlips Melanie is known for her squirting talents and of course, her pierced labia and nipples. As you can see, I am enjoying the taste of her her nipple and the feel of her full breast. It wasn’t long before I was between her voluptuous, high heeled legs, licking and sucking on her meaty, pierced labia. The smell and taste of her pussy was so erotic! After making her cum several times, I told her that I wanted her to squirt on my monster tits. I love it when a man shoots his cum on my tits, and I wanted to experience the sensation  of  her warm juices spraying on my boobs and nipples. Melanie was more than happy to help me live my fantasy and as I knelt between her legs with my 46H boobs hanging over her she finger fucked herself. When she squirted, it was amazing! Check out the video in her clip store.

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Interracial Lesbians

Posted in Eating Cookie on July 22nd, 2011 by Mary

Monster Tit Mary & Hotlips Melanie playing with each others titsMy good friend, Hotlips Melanie, and I get together on occasion for a little girl/girl fun. I just love playing with a woman’s boobs, including my own, and eating a woman’s “cookie”. Hotlips has pierced nipples, and her large labia lips are also pierced, which makes it so much more fun when we play together. She squirts too! We did a video clip of her squirting on my monster tits. What an erotic experience having her squirt her warm juices all over my boobs. There are many othersclips of us licking tit and me sucking on her large meaty labia lips . Please visit her clip store by clicking HERE.

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