Monster Tit Cock Sucker

Posted in Sucking Dick on July 3rd, 2012 by Mary

Monster tit Mary sucks white cock.

This is a stylish photo of one of my white cock sucking sessions. An artsy fartsy kind of thing, since I told my photographer that I have aspirations of becoming an actress. He set-up this shoot and got some good head, and I got some stylish photos. He probably made-out better in the deal with my cock sucking talents. Trust me!  I love sucking cock and eating pussy, but I want to do more than porn.  I have done some cable stuff where I am not sucking cock, eating pussy or getting fucked but it is not as much fun as getting laid on camera and it does not pay as well. I may want to keep sucking cock on camera.

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Big Tit Cock Tug

Posted in Hand Jobs on May 20th, 2012 by Mary

Mary is in high heels, big black tits out, and ready to tug cock.

I am an exhibitionist and love showing off my shit as much as I love sharing my amble assets with guys and girls. In other words, I like to turn heads. I am hoping my red high heels and  this red nightie with my big black, pretty titties busting out everywhere gets you going. At this point in the shoot, I was having so much fun showing off my monsters that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to suck cock, or tug on a cock.

Hand job mom , Monster Tit Mary, tugs cock.

As you can see I made a decision. I tugged this white cock until I got it to shoot a load of sperm all over my big black tits. You can see this video clip at


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Monster Tit Grab

Posted in The Monsters on December 31st, 2011 by Mary

Monster tit Mary grabs her 46H tits with her long nailed hands.My monster 46H tits are a lot to handle but I enjoy playing with them. This may sound sort of weird, but actually, I like to to sit in front of the mirror and play with my boobs while I finger my pussy. I actually get off looking at my big tits. I hope you will do the same. They give me and my sexual partners a lot of pleasure.

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